It’s a strange feeling…

Yesterday (28th October 2015) I turned 39. The day was marred by the loss of our 16 year old four-legged friend Rigby who sadly lost the battle against an aggressive tumour. Rigby (aka Riggles because of the way he could wriggle from the tip of his tail to the end of his nose almost shaking himself off his feet in-between when he emerged from water) lived with us for around 7 years…

We got him following a visit to Warrington RSPCA in the search of a companion for our other hound Razzle (the black and white)…having viewed a very handsome grey Staffordshire Bull terrier who upset Razzle by trying to mount him (several times) we were told about Haye, a long-term resident…we walked him and Razz together and they were pretty indifferent of each other but we’re suckers for long-term kennel residents so that was that…Haye was ours. He became Rigby when we arrived home with him for the first time as Eleanor Rigby started to play on the radio.

So, if you surrendered Haye to the RSPCA (we were told he belonged to an elderly person who could no longer care for him…) know that he was loved and he loved…the dog had the biggest heart!

He was my shadow, there’s not much time we spent apart, he was the brindle-brown-grey dog who could sense when my ‘black dog’ was prowling and was always ready to provide cuddles…We shall miss him terribly and although we are left with a big Rigby sized hole, we are grateful for the time we had with him…here comes some of the joy…

The following gallery is entitled “The time when Rigby…” 

Some of our favourite pictures – I particularly like the ones of him swimming as I had to teach him to swim! The first time he followed Razzle into the canal (for Razzle truly was a water dog in his younger days), Rigby looked like a box of windmills, his paws were round his ears! So, one day, on a long lead I gently waded into the River Dee with him until he was confident enough to keep his feet underwater in the traditional doggy paddle – he was never as keen as Razzle to dive straight in, but once in, he could out-swim his ‘brother’ – Really not bad for a dog who was terrified of rain (to the extent that he would hide in the shower – go figure!)

I hope you will enjoy these pictures (click to view larger) and hope they bring smiles like the ones Rig brought us

Happy Trails wriggly one – see you on the other side